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This software enables you to program the Turing machine -- a universal theoretical device that can be adapted
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13 September 2011

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Every program is typically built upon a number of algorithms which act as the framework for getting the desired results from a software. These algorithms are based on a number of principles like mathematical, statistical, and logical. For these purpose, a theoretical device is used that manipulates the symbols according to a strip of rules. Such device is specifically meant for simulating the logical part of a computer algorithm and is also useful for explanation of the functions of a CPU. Uber Turing Machine v.1.2 has been specifically designed to simulate the functions of a turing machine and programming it to get the algorithm behind a program logic.

With the aid of Uber Turing Machine, you can easily create newer algorithms for a program and can analyze all the existing algorithms by editing and altering them. The whole operation can be conducted through visual Integrated Development Environment which is very convenient for usage by the end user. The program has an intuitive functionality suitable for regular use and mastering it. The software has three modes for running and debugging of Turing machine programs which are normal, single step and quick mode. Under the normal mode, you can customize the time lag between two subsequent steps of operation. In normal and single step modes, you can get complete statistical details of already accomplished transitions while the quick mode has been designed for quick and automated computation of results by the simulator. The program has features for successfully editing the input data of housed on the tape and verification of semantical and syntactical correctness of the algorithms.

To conclude with, Uber Turing Machine v.1.2 is a powerful emulator for a turing machine which is equipped with handy features to make the overall functionality easier for the end user, leading it to score three rating points on the scale of five.

Publisher's description

This software enables you to program the Turing machine -- a universal theoretical device that can be adapted to simulate logic of any computer algorithm. With the help of Uber Turing Machine you are able to create new algorithms, as well as edit already prepared by someone through opening and altering of them via the convenient visual IDE.
You can run and debug Turing machine programs in the three modes: normal (it has a feature to regulate delay between two steps), single-step, and the quick mode. In the first two cases there is a detailed statistics of done transitions. In the quick mode the simulator will compute results as fast as possible -- it's useful if you just want to get the program output, or to examine an algorithm for possible infinite loops.
There are also features of handy editing input data on the tape, and of verifying syntactical and semantical correctness of programs. You may save algorithms and tapes separately and reuse them later in several Turing machine programs.
In other words, Uber Turing Machine is a good choice for studying and programming the Turing machine. Try it for 30 days, and if you find it useful, then please register it.
Uber Turing Machine
Uber Turing Machine
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